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Google Pixel Tablet: Apple iPad Killer or Not?

In a market dominated by Apple's iPads, Google's Pixel Tablet has entered the scene with a different approach. Rather than trying to replace your laptop or revolutionize computing, it focuses on being a top-notch media consumption device. One standout feature is the included speaker dock, which not only charges the tablet but also transforms it into a smart display. In this blog, we'll explore whether the Google Pixel Tablet has what it takes to compete with the mighty iPad.

Design and Display: The Pixel Tablet boasts an 11-inch LCD display with sharp 2560 x 1600 resolution, wide viewing angles, and vibrant colors. Although it may not match the brightness or contrast of Samsung's OLED tablets or Apple's Mini LED screens, it still offers an enjoyable viewing experience. The device itself is well-constructed, featuring a soft-touch matte finish and comfortable bezels. However, the 16:10 aspect ratio may feel less ideal for tasks such as reading, making it clear that this tablet is primarily focused on media consumption.

Audio and Connectivity: Equipped with four speakers, the Pixel Tablet delivers clear audio and noticeable stereo separation. However, the absence of a headphone jack may be inconvenient for users who prefer wired audio. Bluetooth or USB-C dongles are necessary for private listening, aligning with the current trend but possibly limiting the tablet's accessibility, especially for younger users.

Performance and Battery Life: Powered by the Google-made Tensor G2 processor, the Pixel Tablet provides smooth performance for most tasks. It effortlessly handles browsing, gaming, and video streaming. However, similar to its phone counterparts, the tablet tends to warm up during use and offers battery life that falls slightly short of Google's advertised 12 hours. Nevertheless, the included speaker dock makes recharging between uses a breeze, mitigating any concerns about battery life.

The Speaker Dock: One standout feature of the Pixel Tablet is the included speaker dock. It seamlessly transfers audio from the tablet to the dock's superior speakers when placed on it. This convenience eliminates the need for voice commands or Bluetooth pairing, providing a hassle-free listening experience. The compact, fabric-covered dock enhances the tablet's functionality, making it a versatile smart display for controlling your smart home or enjoying music and podcasts.


  1. Excellent media consumption device with a sharp display and impressive speakers.

  2. Seamless transition from tablet to smart display with the included speaker dock.

  3. Good performance for everyday tasks, including gaming and streaming.

  4. Solid construction and comfortable design.


  1. Limited storage options without microSD card expandability.

  2. 16:10 aspect ratio may not be ideal for certain tasks, such as reading.

  3. Absence of a headphone jack may inconvenience users reliant on wired audio.

  4. Slightly shorter battery life compared to similar tablets.


The Google Pixel Tablet is not positioned as an Apple iPad killer. Instead, it carves its own niche as a fantastic media consumption device, perfect for watching videos, playing games, and entertaining kids. Its standout feature, the speaker dock, adds value by transforming it into a smart display. While it may not match the iPad in all areas, the Pixel Tablet offers a unique user experience that caters to those seeking a top-notch media-centric device.

Important Things to Note:

  • The Pixel Tablet emphasizes media consumption rather than replacing laptops or revolutionizing computing.

  • The included speaker dock enhances its functionality as a smart display.

  • The tablet's design and aspect ratio may impact certain tasks, such as reading.

  • Performance is satisfactory for everyday use, but battery life may fall slightly short of expectations.

  • Lack of a headphone jack may require alternative audio solutions.

Remember, this blog is based on the available information and personal opinions. It's always advisable to consider your own preferences and requirements before making a purchasing decision.


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